3D Thursdays-potato

But not just any potato, it’s a zombie one!

It wants your delicious tuber flesh! 0_0


The start of a new hobby

Like many of us, I spend a bit too much time on my phone. Because of this I’ve been looking for something that will get me off my phone more, challenge me, but also be something that I can do while watching tv, and isn’t too expensive to start.

After a little think I decided on puzzles as they fit all those categories perfectly, and I knew I enjoyed them as I already have a bunch from Christmas crackers over the years that I still occasionally try to re-solve.

I needed to go into town the other day, so while there I popped into a couple shops that I thought might sell starter puzzles, and landed on this £5 pack of four wire puzzles from The Range.

These were so much fun to solve!

So far I can take the top two on and off right away, the bottom left I can do pretty quickly, and while I’ve done the bottom right one a couple times I still struggle doing it (which is good as it means I get more use out of it!) The boyfriend has joined in too, and has had fun trying to solve them while we have the TV on in the evening.

I’m glad I opted to trying them out as they’re good fun, and I’m pretty sure they’ve given me the puzzle bug.

I’m planning to get more in the future, both wire ones as well as other styles like locks, puzzle boxes, ones made of wood, etc, in the £5-£10 range, and if I carry on finding them enjoyable I may start to go for fancier ones!

If you have any suggestions of ones that I should give a try next, let me know!

Bone marrow goodness

One of my favourite treats is bone marrow with a side of warm bread. It’s super easy to prepare and cook, cheap to buy, and is darn delicious!

I used to see them all the time in Waitrose, but in the last couple of years they seem to barely stock it. Luckily for me the boyfriend popped into one the other week and found they had some in stock, and got me one yay!

The way I like to prepare it is to sprinkle on a decent amount of salt and cracked black pepper on top then put it in the oven and cook it according to the instructions, along with a part baked baguette, then serve immediately once cooked.

I also like to mix the salt and pepper through to make sure the seasoning is spread evenly, so I don’t get super salty bits of marrow in one place and bland bits in others.

It’s lovely and rich too, which means one of these is plenty as a lunch for one, or between two as a starter.

Have you had bone marrow before, and if so what did you think of it? Let me know!

Poached eggs

There’s been a lot in the news recently about vegetables, salads, and eggs being in short supply. Up until this week we’ve been lucky and had no issues buying everything on our shopping list. I didn’t think it would last though, and this week I was proved correct.

While there’s still plenty of veg and salad stuff to buy, eggs have been a real struggle to find.

We visited my parents over the weekend for my Dad’s Birthday, so when it was time to head home we decided to pop into one of their local supermarkets to do a quick shop rather than do it when we got back. I asked my parents if they’d had any issues buying salad, eggs and the like as they had shopped there a couple days previously, and they said no, so we were pretty hopeful.

Unfortunately, when we got there all they had was a single, egg soddened box left on the shelf.

I sent this photo to my parents and they were shocked at how bare it was, as they go shopping there most weeks and had never seen the egg area empty before.

In my bid for eggs I visited our local corner shop as they’re always fully stocked, but even there all the eggs had gone.

The boyfriend also decided to pop to Morrisons on the way back from work to see if they had any, as they often have a normal section for eggs as well as a separate pick your own section, but those were all empty too.

We had also tried Asda but they too were sold out.

While it’s not a necessity to have eggs on hand every week, I still find them a useful staple as they’re so versatile for quick meals and a filling snack.

My only hope now is that one of my neighbours chickens somehow gets into our garden, and lays an egg before being discovered and carted back to its rightful owners. Far fetched yes, but currently seems more likely than finding a carton of eggs any time soon!

Which food item have you struggled to buy recently? Let me know!

Our succulent is doing a thing!

We have quite a few plants in the house which we’ve acquired over the years through buying them ourselves, gifts, and swapping plants with friends.

While we occasionally lose a plant here and there, the majority of our plants are thriving, and one in particular is doing extremely well, and has recently sprouted!

I’ve had a lot of succulents over the years as they’re a favourite of mine, but never had a succulent do this before. I’ve not treated it any different to any others I’ve had in the past so not sure why this one is flowering when others didn’t, but I’m very excited to see what the flowers look like when they bloom.

It’s been a week or two since the shoot appeared so I’m not sure how long it will take for the flowers to appear, but when they do I’ll post an update 🙂

What’s your favourite type of house plant? Let me know!

3D Thursdays-wyrm worm

Is it a wyrm, or a worm? Why, it’s both!

I said yesterday that I planned to start selling my 3D artwork soon…well my first designs are now up on Redbubble!

I used to use it for vector art, but in recent years I’ve moved away from that and started working in both 3D and a more doodle type style which I plan to start putting up on Redbubble this year, starting with this rather cute wyrm worm 🙂

I have this design on a bunch of things, from stickers to backpacks, clothing, pet bowls and more, so if you like my style please check out my Redbubble, thanks!

March goals

Hello March! With February out the way let’s see how well I did with last months goals.

Make at least one soup and one loaf of bread

I did both of these, and they turned out delicious! Going to try and keep up making and bread and soup once a month.

Forgot to take a pic of the bread, but did remember to take one of my soup!

Go out for a carvery

I always forget how quickly February goes, so didn’t get a chance to go to a carvery, so I’ll be rolling this one into March!

Try some lose leaf tea

It was surprisingly hard to find loose leaf tea, but finally managed to get some at the end of the month.

It has a kinda savoury, nori type taste which I really like. The tea is fermented so I’m guessing that’s what gives it it’s flavour.

So now onto this month’s goals.

Start selling my 3D art

I’ve spent the last year or so working in my 3D work (as you’ve probably seen on this blog!) and I feel I’m ready to start selling them as commissions and on Redbubble, which I’ll link to once I start selling them.

I’m super excited about this one as, because of my anxiety I’ve been putting off doing anything with them, so pushing to finally do it feels like a real milestone to me 🙂

Make at least one item from my recipe cards

I wrote a post the other day about some recipe cards I bought and said I’d start making the recipes from March, so one of my goals will be to make at least one of them a month starting from this month, but will to try and make at least two a month.

So those are my goals for this month. Keep an eye out on updates about my art and recipes in the next couple of weeks!

No one wants you around anymore winter!

With it nearly being spring I was hoping warmer weather would be in its way, but it looks as though winter has decided to stay around a little longer.

We currently have yellow warnings for where I live, with the possibility of snow.

While I do enjoy a flurry or two around Christmas, by the time we get to March I’m hoping to see snowdrops more than snowfall…

Image by Georg Satzinger from Pixabay

Hopefully this is winters final showing, and that warmer weather is on its way soon!

What’s the weather like around you? Let me know 🙂

3D Thursdays-candle

Of an evening I like to light a candle or two and have the front room illuminated by their warm, flickering glow.

For Christmas my parents got us a big box of fancy candles, so I’ve been using them a lot more recently. I also tried making some recently, although I’ve yet to try them out. I’ll let you know if they are any good.

Because of all this candle related stuff recently I thought I would carry this on and try making a candle for 3D Thursdays.

I decided to go for the more traditional looking candle!

Paint3D, while their effects are good, don’t give you an option to cast light out of particular objects or be able to focus a light source on a specific object, so I tried my best to make it look like light was emitting from the flame, while still trying to use an effect that had a darker background.

While I like how it came out, I might try this again with Womp and see if they’re able to give a better flame effect, so I guess look out for a spoOoOoOky candle later this year!