I’m (probably) never going to buy a take away coffee again

Sometimes when I’m out and about I get the hankering for an iced coffee in the summer, or a special edition hot coffee in the winter. I’ll usually get the iced coffee from a supermarket, but if I’m feeling particularly fancy I’ll spend a bit extra on a coffee from a coffee chain, but I think that may have to cease, at least when it comes to instore take aways…

Image by Dizzy Roseblade from Pixabay

I have anxiety, which can sometimes make simple things overwhelming, and one place I often find overwhelming is coffee chains. What drink should I get, what sizes does it come in, dairy or non dairy, any syrup, what flavour, how much, sugary or sugar free…argh! And so sometimes getting a coffee can be rather confusing.

The first time I had an issue ordering a coffee was around Christmas, where I ordered online to pick up in store to try. I went in to collect it thinking they would have the coffees behind the counter and I would give them my reference number and they would hand me the coffee. Instead there was a table full of them, and I could not remember what I had ordered. It was a busy day and I was in the way of other people collecting their coffees, and so ended up accidently grabbing the wrong one after standing by the table for waaay too long trying to figure out which was mine and worrying I looked like I was there to steal a random coffee. After we realised I grabbed the wrong one the boyfriend went in to let them know and swapped it for the correct one, while I was beating myself up for failing at a task as simple as grabbing the correct coffee.

The second main time was this weekend, which prompted me to write this post. I had ordered a particular iced coffee and was waiting by the serving area for it. After a few minutes the server put out on the table one iced tea, and two iced lattes with 4 pumps of vanilla. The drink I’d ordered wasn’t called a latte (this coffee shop had a different name for the drink I’d ordered, but it was basically a latte with a fancier name) and mine was only meant to have two vanillas, so we assumed that was an order for someone else who was on their way to the store to pick them up, and so carried on waiting for my drink.

We waited for a few more minutes until we noticed the servers had stopped making drinks and were busy with other tasks, and I didn’t want to disturb them from working to ask if one of those drinks was mine. And so we waited a bit longer until it was pretty obvious they weren’t making any more drinks and so grabbed one of the lattes.

All the way home I fretted that we had taken someone else’s drink, even though we made sure they were done making drinks before we left. Though it was the wrong drink the boyfriend assured me that since it was so close to the drink I had actually ordered they’d probably put the order through slightly wrong and it was indeed my drink…but I still couldn’t help but worry.

I have a habit of making even the smallest of interactions awkward and stressful, and apparently ordering coffee is no different! Both these times and other less notable, but equally awkward interactions at coffee shops I’ve had have never been down to the lovely servers who have always been very helpful when I have struggled with an order, but rather down to my brain having the processing speed of a slug. Oddly, I seem to be fine with ordering a bubble tea, or a Subway, which can be equally confusing thanks to the number of options, but put me in a coffee shop and my brain melts.

While I don’t plan to give up fancy coffee anytime soon, I think for my own sanity I’ll stick to ones from supermarkets, drinking them in store, or just use coffee shops with a drive through.

Are there any places you find confusing to order from, let me know and help me feel better!

My parents got Covid

I knew it would happen eventually, but when I got a message on WhatsApp from my Mum telling me she’d caught it, I was still a little worried…and then predictably my Dad caught it a couple days later.

Image by Alexandra_Koch from Pixabay

Surprisingly the boyfriend and I didn’t catch it from them when we went to visit, and my brother who lives with them didn’t catch it either!

Thankfully all of us are up to date with vaccines so their symptoms were pretty mild, and just over a week later they tested negative, phew!

Mum felt ill a day or so after we visited them, so boyfriend and I did do a couple tests to make sure we didn’t get it and just not know, but they returned negative every time. I guess the vaccine protected us.

I’m sure I’ll get it eventually, but I’m so thankful for the vaccines helping lessen the effects of Covid for millions of people like my parents!

Spooky Sundays-I need Spooky Town’s entire collection

I love collectables, spooky stuff, and miniatures, so imagine my joy when I discovered Spooky Town!

Spooky Town is a collection of miniatures revolving around horror and Halloween. From shops to rides to decorations and spooky residents, there’s a miniature for everyone (or if you’re like me you’ll want them all!)

Unfortunately I don’t have the space or money to collect them all at the moment, but I do see some of these miniatures finding a place in my home soon.

If you know of any other miniature spooky collectables out there let me know!

3D Thursdays-plant

A few weeks back I spent aaages weeding the front and back garden and it looked really lovely and neat…then the hot weather came and the weeds exploded, and seemingly overnight they were once again everywhere!

The boyfriend and I did a bunch of weeding again last week so the garden looks somewhat neater, but it won’t be long until they’re back again.

Anyway, all that weeding inspired me this week to make a little dandelion in Paint 3D.

If only weeds were this cute…

Wait…rice cakes can taste nice!?

Growing up my Mum often bought rice cakes as she’s gluten intolerant and it was tricky to find crackers, breads and the like that were gluten free, plus she loves them, so these were a staple for her.

When I lived at home she would offer them to me every once and a while, and every time I had a nibble of one I couldn’t help but screw my face up at the taste. They were somehow bland yet still managed to have an unappetising flavour, and the smell of them really didn’t help either.

Since then I’ve never bothered with them as I knew I wasn’t a fan, until a couple months ago.

The boyfriends Mum was trying to cut down on snacks and so gave us a bunch of sweet treats she had already bought, which included a pack of caramel rice cakes. It had been a long time since I’d eaten one, so while I wasn’t particularly enthused at the thought of them I didn’t want them to go to waste, and so gave one a try.

I could not believe how delicious they were! The caramel flavour was lovely and sweet, they didn’t have a trace of that terrible taste or smell rice cakes I’ve tried before had, and best of all a single rice cake was only 51 calories!

I’ve since bought a pack for myself to have as my evening sweet treat to help me cut down on chocolate and the like. I don’t know if rice cakes back in the day were just terrible, or I’m just not a fan of plain ones, but either way I now plan to try as many different rice cake as I can find and see what other delicious flavours are out there.

If you enjoy rice cakes and have a suggestion of a flavour I should try let me know!

August goals

How is it August already!? Anyway, I thought that at the beginning of each month I would set some goals for myself to try and achieve, and write them on here so I can’t squirm out of them. Some might be ongoing, or a one off, but this is what I want to try and achieve in the month of August:

Number 3 is my sticking point…

Get to 20 followers on my blog

I don’t know if I will achieve this, but since I’m already on 14, I’m hoping 20 (although it would technically be 21 as I follow myself) should hopefully be achievable!

Try and lose 4 pounds in weight

I’m currently trying to lose a bit of weight so I’m hoping to lose around a pound a week if possible. If I don’t achieve this I won’t be too sad as long as I manage to lose a couple of pounds.

Try and go out at least once a week

As the boyfriend has pointed out to me, I’m a bit of a home hermit and don’t really like going out by myself much. However I know a little wander to the shops and back is good for your mental health, so I will try my best to go out at least once a week alone, foot permitting that is…

I have loads more things I want to do but I think if you set yourself too many things then you’re doomed to fail. I’ll let you know how I got on, as well as new goals, at the beginning of September!

What are your goals for August?

Photo by freestocks.org

Stubbing hazards are everywhere

We’ve all stubbed our toes before, and more often than not after a bit of hopping around and a couple of choice words the pain goes and you carry on with your day.

But last week, I stubbed my little toe badly…I mean really badly…like, super bruised, hurts to move it, badly…

When you stub your toe so badly you have to go sit down and contemplate your life.

I’ve stubbed my toes on many of occasions, but never has it been this bad. I was pretty sure I bruised the bone quite badly or possibly even caused a hairline fracture which isn’t great.

And it’s not until you’ve badly hurt your toe, and trying very hard to make sure you don’t injure it further, that you realise how many items in the house are ready and waiting to cause your toes even more immeasurable pain.

Beds, chairs, doors, cupboards, tables, radiator pipes…they’re all there just waiting for you to lose concentration then bam! pure pain!

It’s been around a week since it happened and while I can walk around, it still hurts, and I can’t put on shoes without it immediately hurting, so that will be fun for when I go shopping tomorrow. I guess time will tell how badly I injured it based on healing time.

Photo by Liza Summer

Spooky Sundays-I need a dinosaur based dark ride in the UK

And when I say dark ride, I mean in both senses.

I’ve been a theme park fan for years and travelled to many countries to visit theme parks, and while I love a good coaster, my favourite rides have always been dark rides. Whether they’ve been amazing or absolutely terrible, on rails or in a boat, if there’s a dark ride I’m there and I love every second of it!

Now I know that dinosaur rides exist, and I’ve been on a couple, but what I reeaally want is a dinosaur dark ride that’s dark, like, horror dark. Basically what I’m saying is I want a version of Walking Dead the ride, but with dinosaurs, and scarier.

Image by Viergacht from Pixabay

I want blood, gore, jump scares, animatronics of dinosaurs eating people, getting splattered with “blood” like you get on Saw the ride…I want it all! And then at the end like WDTR there’s a walkthrough area, but it’s full of plants and you hear dinosaur noises around you in every direction, plants rustle, you feel things breeze past your feet, and horrors to jump out at you as you run to safety!

As I said, I know dinosaur rides exist, and some are a bit scary, but I want the UK to have a full on, no holding back, terrifying dinosaur ride…or failing that at least a scare maze…

Easy meals-naan bread pizza

Whenever I have leftover naan breads from a curry night I like to use them to make little lunch time pizzas.

They’re super easy to make and you can add whatever toppings and sauces you like.

This time around I used some leftover pesto as the base sauce, grated cheese, then added some onion and ham, and finished it off with a sprinkling of chipotle chilli flakes.

If you have the patience you can grill it so the cheese gets a little crispy on top, but I couldn’t be bothered to wait so I just microwaved mine until the cheese had melted, which works fine too.

Aaaand it’s done!

I love making these as they’re so quick and easy to make while being delicious, and they’re great for helping with pizza cravings.

What toppings would you put on yours?

3D Thursdays-tomato

Since starting this blog I’ve been neglecting my artwork somewhat, so I thought I would do a weekly post where I share my 3D artwork so I still keep up with it, share some fun art of mine with you, and in the comments you can let me know what you would like to see me (attempt) to make next!

I usually use Paint3D so my 3D designs are somewhat limited, but I also sometimes use a new software called Womp, so keep that in mind with your suggestions.

So recently I’ve been trying to lose some weight and eating more fruit and veg, which inspired me to draw this adorable tomato.

I think it came out pretty cute! Let me know what you think, and what I should attempt to make next 🙂